Oxon Cove Park / Oxon Hill Farm

6411 Oxon Hill Road, Oxon Hill

I-95 Exit 3A, Maryland

301-839-1176 index.htm

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If you need a breath of fresh air, a picnic spot or if the kids need to blow off some steam, enjoy this FREE National Park Service site. The park varies from river shoreline to grassland, forest, marsh and swamp ecosystems. On a clear day, the 2-mile easy loop walk even offers a glimpse of the Washington Monument.

The little farm has horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits, a chicken coop, deer, wild turkey, lots of birds to watch, a duck pond and a herb garden. If you stop at the right time (call first to be sure), there are programs for cow milking (10am), a chicken program (11am), tractor rides (Mon-Thurs 1:30, Fri: 11) or ranger talks about the history of the farm (Sat & Sun 1-3).

The property goes back to 1811 when Dr. Samuel and Mary DeButts bought it. In 1814 they watched in horror as the War of 1812 fires from the burning of the White House and other buildings glowed on the walls of their own white house. Across the Potomac, in Alexandria Harbor, sat the British warships, and the city surrendered to them. No wonder the DeButts went off to visit their daughter in VA.

In 1891 (and until the 1950’s), the US Government bought it for St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, allowing patients to work the farm for therapy and to grow their own food. Opened daily 8 - 4:30.