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With college students heading up and down I-95 to their dorms, they're going to want to know where the best pizza joints are. And so do you. We were amazed at how pizza can still be pizza and have so many permutations. From paper thin coal-oven varieties to hardy oblongs piled with meats to clam or an award-winning spinach and mushroom, to pizza dunked in salad dressing - they all slide down soooo nicely. Pizza is home-made fast food for everyone in a rush for a yummy meal on the road.

ME - 700 Pizzas a Night
CT - The 100-Foot Pizza Feud
NC - Pizza and Chocolate Malt Beer
MD -
College Pizza
RI -
5th Best Pizza in America
GA -
Tossed in the Air Pizza

ME - 700 Pizzas a Night

ME Exit 191 N or 193 S: Pat's Pizza - Opened in 1931 and still churning out 700 pizzas every night, this 2nd generation family business (now with 19 locations) is famous in Maine. At their first location (Orono near Bangor), you can still dine on their original Formica counters and slate foot rests. In the rear you can watch the show of chefs making the pizzas, which go into their conveyor belt oven. The thin, soft, light crust melts in your mouth, and the toppings are put on evenly, so that there's a taste in every bite. There has to be one for you, with 35 toppings like pine nuts, hot dog, kielbasa, zesty olives or eggplant. The mushroom, pepperoni and salami is the most popular one.

Wash them down with Pat's own brand of sodas: strawberry, root beer, orange, grape, cream or our favorite - lime rickey, or try the local Moxie brand. There's a counter with stools where you can slurp an ice cream soda, milk shake or float, or else the tap room downstairs is for booze. You can eat calzones, spaghetti and meatballs, a BLT, wraps and red skin hot dogs, but why would you? 11 Mill St., Orono. Tel: 207-866-2111. or

CT - The 100-Foot Pizza Feud

CT Exit 47: New Haven's Little Italy - It is definitely worth a detour into New Haven to eat on Wooster St. for amazing pizza. There is a continuing rivalry between the lovers of Pepe's version (Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana #157 or The Spot #163) and Sally's (#237), but you should note that pizza sauce is in their blood, since they're actually 3rd cousins. They use over a ton of coal a week in original coal-fired ovens, which adds to the unique taste of both pizza parlors.

In 1925 Frank Pepe, a baker, started a trend by spreading sauce on top of his bread. Pepe's now makes about a dozen varieties, but the signature pizza is the one with fresh clams.

Flora Consiglio, widow of Salvatore Consiglio (Frank Pepe's nephew) who opened Sally's in 1938, offers her oblong pizza with its thin crispy crust in a restaurant whose decor hasn't changed in decades. If either restaurant offers seasonal specialties like broccoli rabe, zucchini or yellow squash, do try them. or

NC - Pizza and Chocolate Malt Beer

NC Exit 46: The Mash House Brewery and Chop House - The giant grain silo out front is a clue that they're brewing beer here - German-like, Irish-like and India-like flavors. You can enjoy your artisanal beer with a pizza made in their wood burning oven. You don't have to pick just one kind - they'll make a half and half, so you could bite into a 4-meat (Genoa salami, prosciutto, capicola, sausage) one alongside a Greek (feta, roasted pepper, spinach, olive) one.

Take your beer 2-go in a 64-oz mash brew jug for the caramel, chocolate malt beers or the peach, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and cherry ones. You can sit amongst the vats, or there's an outdoor terrace. 4150 Sycamore Dairy Rd., Fayetteville. Tel: 910-867-9223.

MD - College Pizza

MD Exit 25: The Original Ledo Restaurant - This 2nd generation pizza palace has been the favorite of students (like Oprah's pal Gayle King) and locals since 1955. The pizza is square and thick with gooey smoked provolone. "It's the saltiness of the cheese, the sweetness of the sauce", says owner Tommy Marcos Jr, that gives it the unique taste. The meat pizza is laden with sausage, pepperoni, meatballs, salami and bacon. Their lasagna is a signature dish, and we loved every bite. What other pizza joint makes their own house dressings - spicy Italian, ranch, blue cheese or balsamic vinaigrette? 4509 Knox Rd., College Park. Tel: 301-422-8122 or 301-422-8622.

RI - 5th Best Pizza in America

RI Exit 21: Federal Hill, Little Italy in Providence - If you pine for family-style Italian food the way Nona would have made it, this third-generation Italian district dishes up the goods. There are authentic Italian restaurants, grocery stores and bakeries up and down Atwells Ave. However, if you want the 5th best pizza in America (GQ mag), go one block north to Bob & Timmy's at 32 Spruce St (Tel: 401-453-2221 and scarf down the spinach and mushroom wood-grilled melt-in-your-mouth version. It was so good that we can still taste it. We're also still drooling over the Hill special pasta with chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms in a rich smoked Gouda cream sauce (enough for 4 people). Caserta Pizzeria (121 Spruce St is well known for its pizza strips and its "Wimpy Skippy" spinach pie stuffed with cheese, pepperoni and olives.

GA - Tossed in the Air Pizza

GA Exit 99: Vinnie Van Go Go's - Sometimes you just crave a slice of NY-style pizza. With the chef spinning the dough in the window, you know it's fresh, at this cash-only City Market joint which has been drawing crowds for years. The 22 toppings (artichoke to feta) can satisfy any urge, and the spinach salad will round out your meal (try a local taste - dunk the pizza in your salad dressing). The only other items on the menu are white or pesto pizza, calzones and 2 dozen beers. 317 W. Bryan St., Savannah. Tel: 912-233-6394.

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