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Since President Obama enjoyed his Five Guys burger, making it okay to splurge now and again (after all it is the holidays), we felt we should let you all know where you too can get a presidential high at fast food chains that offer slightly less junky junk food. Guilty pleasure can be mitigated by ordering salads, cottage cheese on the side, burgers made from steak and real malted milks. And have your kids ever experience car hops? - what fun you can enjoy on the road:


One (not Five) Very Important Guy (ALL I-95 States)

NC-Coconut Pineapple Cream Pie Shake (VA, NC)
GA-Cottage Cheese with That? (FL)
MA-Macadamia Nut Blondie (RI, CT, NY, MD, VA, FL)
NY- The Original Slider
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1 - One (not Five) Very Important Guy

VA Exit 143: Five Guys - Hamburger lovers like Obama (for videos, click here or here) will adore the fresh meat burgers prepared daily, loaded up with free toppings: relish, onions, pickles, tomatoes, fried onions, sauteed mushrooms, jalapeno peppers, green peppers and sauces.
President Obama gets his hamburger. Photo: MSNBC
The perfect side - hand cut and twice fried potatoes - are Five Guys style or Cajun (vinegar too, if you wish) and scrumptious. The burger-laden menu also has kosher-style beef hot dogs, veggie burgers or grilled cheese. www.fiveguys.com

2 - Coconut Pineapple Cream Pie Shake 

GA Exit 104: Sonic -This 56-year-old chain still has car hops (tray toters, curb girls). Back when cars had running boards, servers would hop on them to direct the car to a spot, hence the nickname. In the 50's and 60's, when Americans fell in love with their cars, this type of restaurant flourished because they could eat in their cars and show them off. Sonic car-hop on wheels
The stars of this chain are the liquid delights. Sonic signature hickory smoke-flavored burgers or chicken "toaster sandwiches" and Coney hot dogs with chili and cheese can be washed down with cherry limeades, cream pie shakes (strawberry, banana, chocolate) or real malts.

Any of the following flavors can be added to personalize your drink: vanilla, chocolate, cherry, grape, orange, coconut, watermelon, strawberry, pineapple, apple or cranberry, and you can have fresh lemon or lime.

All are ordered via an intercom, and are brought to you and hung on your car window, sometimes by kids on wheels. You can cop an "ADD-itude" by adding cheese, chili, or bacon to your sandwich, or you can even ask for chocolate syrup on your fries! www.sonicdrivein.com

3 - Cottage Cheese with That? 

GA Exit 29: Steak 'n Shake - This chain was started way back in 1934 in Normal, IL with the grill visible in the front, because they felt that "In sight, it must be right". You can still watch made-from-steak burgers sizzling. We like the idea that you are not stuck with fries on the side and can choose amongst: cole slaw, baked beans, salad, chili or even cottage cheese. Even the hot dogs are make out of steak, and you could eat a turkey club or apple walnut grilled chicken salad, but why would you?
Yummy Burger
Hand-dipped milkshakes (Peanut Butter Cup, Butterfinger, cookie dough) can be fun if you order them side-by-side with with 2 flavors visible vertically, or sip an orange freeze, a fruit smoothie, or blow the diet with a root beer float or walnut brownie fudge sundae. Open 24 hours. www.steaknshake.com

4 - Macadamia Nut Blondie

RI and FL Panera Exit 8: Panera Bread - This bakery/cafe chain's artisanal breads are the star here. The stuff they put on them - asiago roast beef, chipotle chicken - is yummy too. We love the combos: daily soups (broccoli cheddar and low fat ones) with a 1/2 sandwich, or the interesting salads: Asian sesame chicken, Fuji apple chicken or paninis (frontega chicken is popular).
Trio at Panera

There's bagels (cinnamon crunch, everything), sinful cookies, French-style desserts (pineapple upside down cake, wild blueberry scones, pecan braid, macadamia nut blondie) and designer coffees or teas. We can't leave without buying the asiago cheese bread to take home. www.panerabread.com

5 - The Original Slider

NY Exit 2B Nbound: White Castle - Sandra has had a lifelong addictiion to their signature Slider - burgers so soft they melt in your mouth and slide down easily. These are teeny 3 bite, 100% beef burgers cooked on a bed of fried onions with the buns on top, absorbing the delicious flavor.

White Castle in the BronxWhite Castle, the first hamburger chain, started in 1921 in Wichita, Kansas with a medieval motif; early restaurants sported rooftop battlements and a turret. Way back in 1931, they began to use frozen beef patties to assure quality, and developed the crush-resistant cardboard cartons which keep the burgers both hot and looking good. In 1949, after an employee's suggestion, 5 evenly spaced holes were added (or subtracted?) to their burgers, which permitted the onion flavor to permeate, cook faster and eliminated turning, which increased productivity.

By 1961 White Castle had served 1 billion hamburgers, more than any other hamburger chain in the U.S. The burgers started out at 5 cents, and have only made it to 68 cents. Sandra was saved in 1987 when the hamburgers and cheeseburgers became available frozen in grocery stores. Wash the burgers down with a chocolate thick shake, so thick you need a spoon to eat it. Sometimes she will weaken and have a side of the fried clam strips or chicken rings. Yum! www.whitecastle.com

6 - See What We Look Like on TV

While on our research trip for the next edition of Drive I-95, we stop in and entertain the local TV audiences with our tales of the road. This time we have booked Richmond VA, Raleigh NC and Tampa FL, but you can probably catch us on the Internet if you are not in those viewing areas.

These are the taping dates:

Jan 6th Richmond VA - CBS WTVR “Virginia This Morning”. Hosts Greg McQuade and Cheryl Miller. Time: 9-10am www.wtvr.com
Jan 7th Raleigh NC - CBS WRAL-TV Interview by: Scott Mason. Time: Not sure of date or time of airing www.wral.com
Jan 27th Tampa FL - NBC WFLA-TV "Daytime" with Lindsay McDonald, Dave Nemeth, Cyndi Edwards. Time: 10-11am www.daytimeonline.tv

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