July 2013 - Drive on Water
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You're in the car and it's hot outside. Wouldn't you just love to be out on the water somewhere? Even though you are zooming down a hot asphalt highway, there are many opportunities along I-95 when you are within splashing distance of water. Who would ever think there's heart-pounding white water rafting right off an exit? Just take a short break and cool off.

FL -

Fly on Water

VA - Bounce on Water
MA - Glide on Water
GA - Wildlife on Water
ME -
Crafts for Water
Making a Splash - Pre-Pub Sale of our NEW 6th Edition

FL - Fly on Water

FL Exit 147: Perched in the stadium seating with headphones for the informative narration, Captain Bob's Airboat Adventure Tours are like taking a Disney ride on the edge of the Everglades, only about 10 mi. off I-95. The boats can drive over the water vegetation without harming anything. They can inch very very slowly to glimpse gators, osprey (hope you get to see Ozzie and Harriet), peregrine falcons, armadillo or anhingas - or fly at high speeds across the open stretches of water. Wowie! www.airboatadventuretours.com Tel: 772-633-7849.

VA - Bounce on Water

VA Exit 79: Heart pounding white water rafting down the James River is possible right here, in one of the nation's only class III-IV runs of rapids in an urban setting. At Riverside Outfitters headquarters, a throwback to the hippie 60's, you can also rent calmer outdoor gear: kayaks, canoes, mountain bikes, or stand-up paddle boats. If you need them, you can pick up arborist's gear, water shoes, T-shirts, caps and sun screen. C'mon, get out of the car and have some outdoor fun! 6836 Old Westham Rd., Richmond. www.riversideoutfitters.net Tel: 804-560-0068.

MA - Glide on Water

MA Exit 24: Just fall off this exit and into the water of the Charles River. At Charles River Canoe & Kayak you can take a cooling break in a kayak, canoe, paddleboat or a rowboat, and glide 3 miles up or down river (they even have infant vests). You can also take lessons or buy a boat. This site was always a place for fun - decades ago it was an amusement park (notice the design of the rental building) and amphitheater. www.paddleboston.com Tel: 617-965-5110.

GA - Wildlife on Water

GA Exit 49: If you want a break in the middle of your trip, why not go out in a canoe or kayak on a river, cypress swamp or salt marsh? Only 2 miles off of I-95, Altamaha Coastal Tours can provide rentals and tours (2-6 hours) which might have you getting up close to dolphins, alligators, otters, manatees, bald eagles, ospreys, herons or egrets. Overnight camping trips are possible. Call ahead, since the tides determine the day's events. Bikes can be rented too. 229 Fort King George Dr., Darien. www.altamaha.com Tel: 912-437-6010. 

ME - Crafts for Water

ME Exit 197: Old Town Canoes (and now kayaks) has been around since 1898, and they are still creating a durable product. For your vacation you can buy one at this factory outlet store. There are many models on view, and brands you'll find here include Eureka, Thule, Silver Compass and Carlisle in products like fish finders, paddling gear, mounting racks, camping gear, medical kits and waterproof jackets. You might find some discounted boats with factory blemishes. Hey, there's even a demo pool to try them out in. 125 Gilman Falls Ave., Old Town. www.oldtowncanoe.com Tel: 207-827-1530 or 800-343-1555.

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You can also order this new edition right now in downloadable PDF form to be used on a computer, laptop or iPad, or on our brand new adorable USB key pictured here.

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