June 2010
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Nothing says summer like an ice cream cone. It’s a happy childish memory that lives on in all of us and always remains a treat, something to look forward to - especially on a long car drive.

Along I-95, you are lucky to be able to dig in to homemade ice cream from North to South. From Dirt Pie in MA to a salute to hometown Savannah GA guy Johnny Mercer, with Tutti Frutti. Yup, it's all on the road, even including the kitchen sink - a communal offering served in a kitchen sink (what else?) in FL.

Movie Star Ice Cream

FL-Everything Including the Kitchen Sink
MA-Eat Dirt
VA-Old-Style Machines, Lovely Licks
FL-See-Thru Bathroom
 Have Coffee with Us on WJZ TV in Baltimore

1 - Movie Star Ice Cream

GA Exit 99: In 1919, 3 Greek brothers, George, Peter and Basil Leopold, started a Savannah ice cream tradition called Leopold's, of course. The shop lives on today revived by Stratton (Peter's youngest), now a Hollywood producer.

Besides the popular malts and shakes, there's black and white or cherry smash sodas, huckleberry sundaes and unique ice cream flavors: lemon custard, bee honey almond, rum bisque and their popular tutti frutti, made famous by a Johnny Mercer song. Panavision R-200 Camera

While scoffing it all down, enjoy the walls decorated with Stratton's movie posters (The Big Chill, The Sum of all Fears, Close Encounters), the case of collectibles from Mission:Impossible 3, and a real live Panavision R-200 movie camera. Think of all those lucky Hollywood stars - Stratton usually flies the ice cream in to wherever they are shooting. 212 E. Broughton St, Savannah. www.leopoldsicecream.com Tel: 912-234-4442.

2 - Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

FL Exit 22: In Monroe Udell's old-fashioned ice cream parlor, Jaxson's, it's fun to read the walls, with its collection of newspaper clippings, American memorabilia and license plates. For 54 years ice cream has been prepared daily on the premises using fresh cream, berries, nuts and real whipped cream, in order to make gi-normous ice cream sodas, sundaes, floats (32 oz. pitcher), waffles and goblets. Sizes are sky high, and the menu goes up to a $99.95 punch bowl for 12 people who "don't want to see each other".

There's 10 kinds of sundaes, like "two on a blanket" with 2 scoops on pound cake with hot fudge, marshmallow and toasted almonds. Toppings are made here too: cold ones are chocolate, marshmallow, strawberry, cherry-pineapple, chunky pineapple, black raspberry, blueberry, peach or chocolate mint, and hot ones would be fudge, butterscotch, caramel and peanut butter.

They made the Kitchen Sink famous, in which parties of 4, 6 or 8 share a mess of ice cream (chosen from their 60 flavors, including 4 sugar-free and 6 fat-free) and toppings in a stainless steel sink ($12.95 per person). You'll also discover an old fashioned candy store with candy buttons, licorice, milk duds, peanut chews and suckers, and yes, there's food: salads, corned beef and pastrami, mile-long hot dogs, wraps and a 1 lb. double cheeseburger. But we'd rather fill up on ice cream. 128 S. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale. www.jaxsonsicecream.com Tel: 954-923-4445.

3 - Eat Dirt 

MA Exit 60: It's fun for anyone of any age to stop for real ice cream at Hodgie's Too!, a 19-year old stand run by a husband and wife team. The ice cream is made here, and even though they have a repertoire of 90 crazy flavors, French vanilla is still the favorite. Be forewarned of gigantic sizes, as 1 scoop = everyone else's 3 scoops and a 1/4 kiddie is a small.

Fun flavors are: frozen pudding (with dried fruits and rum extracts), candy store, bumbleberry swirl, cider donut, dirt pie (coffee, chocolate, oreo crumbs), Indian pudding and Kermit cow. You could add toppings: grapenuts, crunch, brownie, nerds, cookie dough and fat free or sugar free hot fudge (why bother?).

The most asked question: "What is thundercloud?" (double rich chocolate). There's a peanut lover's sundae with fudge, Reeses pieces and peanut butter. The Hodgie Special is 12 scoops with fudge, caramel, banana, pineapple, strawberry and whipped cream. Seasonal: April to October. 136 Rabbit Rd., Salisbury. Tel: 978-463-0214.

4 - Old-Style Machines, Lovely Licks

VA Exit 130: Carl's is a 2nd generation frozen custard stand, and remains a ritual stop for native Fredericksburgers. It was opened by Carl and Margaret Sponseller in 1953 in a former gas station along US 1, the busiest N/S highway in the US at the time.

Frozen custard takes soft ice cream, mixes it with eggs, and then the mixture is cooked before it is frozen. The 3 flavors - vanilla, chocolate and strawberry - are still the same recipes, and have been churning out of the same machine since the 1940's. If the pale chocolate has a really familiar taste to you, that's because they use Hershey syrup in the mix. There's real malts and hot fudge sundaes, too.

Though we are admitted chocoholics, we actually favored the strawberry, because it tasted like you were biting into a real strawberry - because it IS made with fresh fruit. Seasonal: end February to end November. 2200 Princess Anne St., Fredericksburg.

5 - See-Thru Bathroom

FL Exit 70: Everyone stops by Sloan's in Palm Beach, their version of Willy Wonka's, with cherubs on the ceiling and an electric train riding the wall. You can try 30 flavors of ice cream (coffee & donuts, krispy kreme), and since this is beach territory, eat some in a sandbox sundae, which includes the shovel to eat it with. Everyone in the car can share the 12-scoop-with-every-topping kitchen sink.

The other part of the shop offers up crazy chocolates (chocolate covered potato chips, cashew myrtle, heavenly hash), malts and fudge. Every car trip involves rest stops, and this one is the most famous one on I-95, because the rest room door is made out of glass! Sloan's locations: Palm Beach, CityPlace 700 S. Rosemary Dr. (561-863-4303) or 112 Climatis St. (561-833-3335); Boca Raton, Mizner Park, 329 Plaza Real (561-338-9887); Palm Beach Gardens, 11700 Lake Victoria Gardens Ave. (561-627-4301). www.sloansicecream.com

6 - Have Coffee with Us on WJZ TV in Baltimore

While on our research trip for the next edition of Drive I-95, we usually stop in to entertain local TV audiences with our tales of the road. One of the shows we taped this latest time was "Coffee With..." in Baltimore, MD on WJZ with Marty Bass. If you missed the show, it's available for viewing at any time here.

It's a fun piece about things to do and see in the Baltimore area, and we found some sites that even the crew didn't know about!

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