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If you’re having such a blast on I-95 that you decide on the spur of the moment to tie the knot, here are some places that can help you get stuck for good.

1 -

Little Wedding Chapel

2 -Wedding Capital of the East
3 -Take a Flyer and Take a Bride
4 - Bring the Minister with You
5 -

1 - Little Wedding Chapel

MD Exit 109A: Little Wedding Chapel - In 1913, when Delaware passed a mandatory matrimonial waiting and public notification law, Elkton MD became the elopement capital of the Northeast, marrying well over 10,000 couples a year during the 1920s and '30s. Maryland required a church service, so "marrying parsons" used cabbies to stake out the train and bus stations to offer arrivals special package deals.

At the 15 private chapels that existed, celebrities such as Debbie Reynolds, John and Martha Mitchell, Cornel Wilde, Joan Fontaine, Martha Raye and even the Reverand Pat Robertson were married here. Elkton's 25-year wedding bliss was halted in 1938, when the state (embarrassed by the tacky goings on) started to require a 48-hour waiting period.

The "Little Wedding Chapel" is a tiny 6-pewed flower-ready chapel in a 200-year-old stone building that is the only one which has survived, and still performs 250 or so weddings a year. 142 E Main St., Elkton. Tel: 410-398-3640 or the Elkton Chamber of Commerce Tel: 410-398-5076 elktonalliance.org/marriage.asp

2 - Wedding Capital of the East

SC Exit 193: At the Dillon Marriage Chapel, over 7,000 ceremonies are performed each year. With only 24 hours notice, no blood test and no witnesses needed, you could get hooked for good. There is a decorated seating area, a ceremony room (with pews for 35-40 family and friends) and a photography studio.

They offer 14 different marriage creeds and certificates, which get printed and framed before you leave. If you want to jazz it up, you can buy silk bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, car decorating materials, bubbles, garters, bird seed, cameras and yes, you can rent a wedding gown and veil. 1501 Martin Luther King Blvd. www.dillonmarriagechapel.com Tel: 843-774-2671

3 - Take a Flyer and Take a Bride

FL Exit 249: At the New Smyrna Beach Visitor Information Center you can stop for the free postcards (with free mailing!), you can send a fax here, pick up some flyers (look for the Segway tours) and motel coupon books, but the funnest part of this visitor center is that they can marry you!

They have wedding officiants available during the day, evening or at the crack of dawn. All you need is $90 for the license (you need a social security number and photo ID) and a three-day waiting period. Florida residents need to have an "approved marriage preparation course".

The officiant will marry you for FREE, they will take photos and give you copies (8x10, 5x7 and 4x6) for FREE and give you a DVD of the wedding photos for FREE. Then all you need to do is head to the nearby beach to frolic. 2238 State Road 44. Hours: Mon-Sat 9-5, Sun 10-2. www.nsbfla.com Tel: 800-541-9621 or 386-428-1600

4 - Bring the Minister with You

MA Exit 57: For the ultimate private wedding, you can have a table for two at the Newburyport Rear Range Light House in Newburyport, Massachusetts, the only one in the US with a dinner table at the top. The view from the lighthouse lens room offers breathtaking views of the ocean, the Merrimack River and downtown Newburyport For a contribution of $350 to the Lighthouse Preservation Society, you'll enjoy the views and a memorable meal while helping to protect America's disappearing lighthouses.

The dinner table (only seats up to four) for lunch or dinner is yours for up to six hours, and your wait staff will deliver the food and beverages from one of five local restaurants: Joseph's Winter Street Cafe, BluWater Cafe, Starboard Galley Restaurant, Ten Center Street Restaurant and Mission Oak Grill. All food purchases are extra, and are not included in the tax-deductible donation to the Lighthouse Preservation Society.

Only the healthy and hearty need apply, since you must climb steep steps and a metal-rung ladder to reach the top of the lighthouse, and there are no bathrooms up there. Reservations can be made online at www.lighthousepreservation.org or by calling 800-727-BEAM or 603-740-0055 to find an available date. Get information on the region at the North of Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau: 978-977-7760.



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