November 2013 - Nose-to-Nose with Bison
Driving North or South along the US East Coast?



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Interstate 95 is America's Main Street, stretching from Maine to Miami. It is the U.S.'s busiest highway, with 75,000,000 people living and working along the route, and it makes its way through 7 of America's major cities: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Jacksonville and Miami.

Driving I-95, Did you know...

NC - Bison

Exit 49: You can go nose to nose with a herd of bison at Jambbas Ranch in Fayetteville, NC


FL - Warbirds

Exit 215: At the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum, learn about the brave WWII B-25 Mitchell bomber pilots who flew secret missions over Tokyo. The aircraft had fuel for only one way, so the trip was a suicide mission, since the pilots had to crash land in China.


Exit 41: If you thought PEZ was just 14 flavors of candy dispensed through the mouth of a character, think again. Enter the PEZ Visitor Center in CT, view the wall of 792 PEZ dispensers and delight in the limited edition ones, i.e. Prince William and Kate or JFK's donkey.

VA - White Water Rafting in the City

Exit 79: There's heart-pounding white water rafting down the James River in Richmond VA. It's one of the nation's only class III-IV run of rapids in an urban setting.

ME - Chocolate Moose

Exit 42: To marvel over a life-size chocolate moose made of 1,700 lbs. of milk chocolate, just head to Len Libby in ME.

MD - Fort McHenry

Exit 55: At Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine in MD, you can still see what Francis Scott Key saw when the smoke from British cannon fire cleared - the huge American flag fluttering defiantly o'er the ramparts.

NY - Live Poultry  

Exit 2A: Not many of you could survive this. For those of you who want really really fresh food, Vivero's (in NYC) live poultry is flapping in cages. Pick one and they'll kill it quickly, slice the neck, drain the blood, put it into a hot bath and then spin the feathers off - and voila, away you go.

MA - Walden Pond  

Exit 30: Walden Pond looks pretty much like it did when Henry David Thoreau hung out there. His 1854 book "Walden" helped inspire awareness and respect for the natural environment, and is considered the birth of the conservation movement.

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